Greenham Common's 40th Anniversary was in 2020. As a collaboration with Animorph, I worked alongside their designer to produce assets for a 3D webGL version of the original camp. The camp features clickable objects with archival audio tracks and gates with stories from the Greenham women themselves. Find it here 
The Assets I spent time working on were single plane cut outs of actual pictures of the women at the camp, these were to be placed around the three interactive gates as to create the illusion they were there, within the items. To do this, I cut the images out in Adobe Photoshop and imported them in as single plane objects. The image, when a .png, only shows the image when in rendered mode. 

For the trees, I was given a file with over 70 different types of topiary, from trees to ferns the objective was to reduce the poly count of them as a webGL can only handle so many vertex points. I then reduced them on a single axis so they were almost flat and deleted all vertex points that were at the 'back' of the tree. Each tree was done like this at three different rotations. However, this was still creating trees with vertex points of around 7-400 per tree, on a particle system that would end up being an insane amount of vertex points. Eventually, I spent some time rendering each tree and importing them as single plane objects - pinning them together at two different rotations so that they still looks like their 3d versions from all angles. The 2D versions were used on the particle system, whereas the 3D trees with less vertex points were used within the camps.
I also spent some time reduing the polycount of the clickable ojects, enough so that they still resembled what they were, but didn't have 4000-60,000 vertex points. 

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