A collaboration with Code-Operative Ltd. 
Our client contacted us to refresh their website for the Gemma Rose Foundation. 
Their original brief was: refresh the brand, little/no code + able to install as if it is an app. 
The client had a very small budget for this, so initially we had some feasiblilty and viability discussions to discuss how close we could design something that also met with our clients desires. Once we'd done this, we decided that using Wordpress and a new Wordpress plugin called the SuperPWA which allows users to install the website as if it were an app on their mobile phone was the best, cheapest and lowest code solution. 

I used Adobe XD to build the wireframes for the website and sent them over to over developer who started building the shell of the website while I worked on the designs. Our client came prepare with an existing logo, so from here I built out a colour scheme and applied it to the wireframes. 
I always start by designing atleast a small Design Sytem, including elements that will be throughout the website. 

This will be provided to the developer, along side the wireframes + mockups, so that they have access to the correct hex codes, and are able to download any trademarks and see how hover effects etc work. 

The website ended up being quite simple, with the possibilities of building in extra features when the client was ready. You can view the finished site here

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