For my final major project on my Undergraduate degree, I teamed up with an animator and a computer science student.
Based on the story of The Animals of Farthing Wood, where the animals are forced to relocate because humans start to knock down the wood to make a housing estate - I rewrote the story... 
A toxic gas has taken over the woods, mutating those who get caught in it.. Join fox on his adventure to gather all of his friends and head to the quarantine zone before the toxic fog catches them. BUT be careful! Some of the mutated animals are already in the non-contaminated part of the forrest.. If they catch you, you'll die so jumper over them.. jump on them to kill them and if you start to get sick.. grab those floating orbs to give you a health boost. 

The game was then loaded into self built (with the help of the technicians at Sunderland University) arcade machine for my final show.

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