Acorn the Union approached Code-Operative to create an emergency response app for their members. Being able to select from 3 different emergency types that users within their union face regularly, show on a map where you are if you've declared an emergency, alert the person in need that you're on the way and highlight a safe space for them if they need to leave the place they are currently. 
As the app is an emergency response app, the branding and features were kept very basic. As well as the amount of screens and pop outs kept to a minimum. 
Acorn pointers are used to show people and a house with an acorn in used to highlight a safe place. 
The other thing the client asked for was a web console, where they could manage their members easily. Again, the design and elements were kept to a minimum, with modal pop outs so that the user of the dashboard isn't navigating away from the page they're on. 

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